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With 14 years of experience working on broadcast and social media, Dan knows how to create programming content across TV, Radio and Online.

"Regardless of the media format or content, it all comes down to story telling...News, entertainment, business or sport. It's about informing in an engaging manner." - Dan Gold

"The exciting thing for me launching //dangoldmedia as a consultancy is that we can now use advanced analytics tools to really understand trends and consumer behaviour"

Born in the late 70's and growing up through an era of rapidly changing technology, Dan's always had an interest what tech can do for society and just how far it can go.

For UK and international clients who would like to work with a no-nonsense practitioner with experience in digital and broadcast. I promise you that our professional working relationship will deliver results for your brand.

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The most popular form of media in the world is... Radio. More people use this as their first place for information over other outlets.

Dan has produced content for syndication on stations across the world. On top of that he has presented on local and regional stations. Aside from radio Dan was Studio Producer on a sports magazine programme across the Sky Sports TV channels.

His experience in programme making has lead to coaching others and media training for spokespeople ahead of on air appearances. 

"It is essential to know your audience, have knowledge of producer guidelines and broadcast rules to ensure that content is suitable to go to air 

Using information available from RAJAR, BBM, Arbitron and Google Analytics can really inform your decisions" Audio Samples here.



Dan's family has been in the commercial photography business for over 50 years. At one point he was invited to join the firm, however Dan knew his path would cover a wider range of media. 

To this day Dan uses his photographic skills for commercial and personal shoots. Photographing products, people or locations.

Dan's specialises in reportage style photography, capturing un-posed real life. "I feel that capturing a moment in time is very special and feels so honest. It doesn't matter if the image is of day to day life or a special event, there is no way of creating it artificially and gives it so much integrity."

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YouTube Partner


A natural progression from photography, radio and writing was to step in to the world of video. This channel is not related to any contracted work.

During his day to day work Dan works in a digital and social media team for a global organisation. Initially he wanted to understand how much more could be delivered from the analytics from YouTube. Needing content to post to find this information out, Dan made a few videos and subsequently caught the YouTube bug.

From video shot in Saskatchewan (including GV's of the local area) to Christmas Day a feature based on a fictional character called Kevin.

He's embarked on a European Roadtrip covering 10 cities in 15 days which will be available as a series. Other content includes Cinco de Mayo in London and more.

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This channel represents Dan's personal content. It is not professional content relating to work for his employers. 


Digital Media

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The digital world is all about communication, innovation and engagement. Whether it is a retail space with ecommerce, entertainment or social media.

Familiarity of digital processes following a career in IT made this cross-over between broadcasting and technology a natural area of practice. Using these skills Dan has worked on the creation and delivery of digital strategies across brands.

His first project in digital comms came in 1999 at 2CRFM as the content manager of the station website. From copy to imagery & audio he sourced and produced the content.

For the last 5 years Dan worked on the development and production of digital media centres for blue chip brands. Whilst (at the same time) content managing a news agency site and the social media channels for the employer. 

"You must strip it back to basics, it's about the content first and the platform second. Often material will appeal to an audience on one site more than another, one size does not fit all."


Getting Vocal

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Using one of his strongest assets, Dan has taken on vocal performance work.

His character filled voice brings the written word to life. Dan's adaptability means that he can deliver different styles, whether an energy filled children's story or a subtle, sensitive piece. 

Experience comes from years of speech and drama followed by the broadcasting of live read commercials, promotional trails and Voiceovers

Q & A

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Following an unscientific just-for-fun survey here are a few questions that people wanted to know the answer to.

What are your proudest moments? Becoming a husband and father. Following that, it would beback when my parents saw me work in the job I wanted to, rather than the one to fall back on.

How did you get in to media? I was given the opportunity for a one off live event for a radio station and (based on the feedback) they gave me a contract.

What are the best skills you possess? The ability to listen, think, create and lead.

What is the greatest project you've worked on? It's between creating content & working on a media centre for an F1 team and designing a radio / TV studio complex. There's lots of science involved in the construction and design.

What was your first feeling of success? It's when my mid-morning radio show got more listeners than any other show on the station - I beat breakfast!

Where can we find out more? LinkedIn of course!



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