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With 14 years of experience working on broadcast and social media, Dan knows how to create programming content across TV, Radio and Online.

"Regardless of the media format or content, it all comes down to story telling...News, entertainment, business or sport. It's about informing in an engaging manner." - Dan Gold

"The exciting thing for me launching //dangoldmedia as a consultancy is that we can now use advanced analytics tools to really understand trends and consumer behaviour"

Born in the late 70's and growing up through an era of rapidly changing technology, Dan's always had an interest what tech can do for society and just how far it can go.

For UK and international clients who would like to work with a no-nonsense practitioner with experience in digital and broadcast. I promise you that our professional working relationship will deliver results for your brand.

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In September 2013 we launched //dangoldmedia, a new type of content and digital strategy house to build your business. Based in London, England we immediately signed up new clients from Canada and the UK.

//dangoldmedia is proud to be a startup working in the collaborative economy, an exciting diverse network of skilled professionals. Unlike cumbersome organisations lacking agility, we don't simply do a bit of everything. We focus on our area of business and collaborate with other experts to bring you the best results. 

Across multiple sectors our clients range from Financial Advisors dealing with high net worth clients to Government Departments, Trade Organisations and Motorsport (Auto racing) teams. 


Media Training


The value of a positive appearance in national and local media is measurable. It doesn't matter whether it is a good news story (good financial results, events, product / service launches, community outreach) or a bad news story (poor results, legal cases, incidents), having the confidence to communicate in a clear, knowledgable tone is essential.

Knowing your message, facts and answering the questions are key. A politician style response doesn't add value for your brand. Being defensive can often be a sign of hiding the truth, even when you're not.

Through role-play using broadcast equipment and professional trainers we help you tell the story that you need to and prepare you for exposure on camera and on radio.


Website & Digital Development

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James Thompson leads on all digital development. Over the last 7 years, he has constantly looked at sites from the build, support and most importantly the consumer point of view. Just the same as other forms of media, your content needs to be presented in an appealing way that can instantly be understood. 

Following the lead of organisations such as eBay, The New York Times, Reuters, our sites are exclusively built on the WordPress platform. Don't get stuck with a custom CMS where the developer can hold you to ransom if you plan to leave them. You're going to be stuck in an eco-system that only they support.

WordPress as an engine is comprehensive meaning that sites can handle mailing lists, eCommerce, Virtual Press Offices and HTML5 coding suitable for all mobile platforms.

Many organisations have existing digital assets such as websites and social media pages. We offer a fixed price assessment of your online presence. This is a great tool to work out whether your existing investment is working for you.

Image: A small selection of the great sites created for James' clients


Canadian Office


//dangoldmedia and associated services are available exclusively through Martin Charlton Communications in Canada.

In 2000 MCC was formed from the merger of Paul Martin Communications and Charlton Communications. Both companies were established over 30 years ago and bring a wealth of experience to business that want to increase revenue and awareness.

Martin Charlton Communications work for global and national clients. They live by their motto "we tell your stories". No matter what the situation from Crisis Management to Government Relations, MCC ensures that your position is heard.

If you're looking to launch or communicate in North America contact 020 8123 4745 in the UK or 306-584-1000 in North America

Video Production


From digital communications strategies to content for broadcast, well produced video is at the heart of storytelling. Take control of your message by owning your online video assets and B-roll for broadcast. 

Our UK video production is managed the award winning Geoff Marshall. With a total of 18 years at the BBC followed 3 years working for news outlets in the US, Geoff has extensive programming and technical experience. 

For us it was simple, we needed Geoff to be a key part of this collaboration. When it comes to producing, shooting and editing, his talent and ability stood above others. More importantly his professionalism and client friendly manner means that he is here to support your needs and produce top quality content.

Geoff's client list includes:
BBC, Absolute Radio, Londonist.com, London Transport Museum, National Portrait Gallery and Fulham Football Club.




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//dangoldmedia is exclusive to Martin Charlton Communications

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